Activate your Brand

Activating your brand and offer

There are two ways that 2ThumbZ can activate your brand and/or promotional offer.

A.  Message Footer            Ad-Rate = $20/CPM

2ThumbZ has reserved the last 100 characters of the breaking news alert for a promotional message and a hyperlink

The highlighted area represents the region of the messaging area that is dedicated to the customer promotional message.  The hyperlink can link to a number of call-to-actions such as Mobile Internet site, a mobile coupon or a store location service.  In addition, the consumer can click on the phone number and automatically initiate a phone call.

B. Presenting Sponsorship Slot Ad-Rate = $35/CPM

The Presenting Sponsorship product consists of both a picture banner as well as a promotional footer + hyperlink at the end of the message.  There is a minimum commitment of $15K for the presenting sponsorship.

Presenting Sponsors will have the opportunity to be associated with a particular set of schools or have broad coverage across the entire set of services after school review and approval for the sponsorship.