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2ThumbZ Mobile Sports Services are a compelling and targeted approach for advertising on a mobile phone.  The service provides potential advertisers with both demographic reach and frequency through a compelling and exciting delivery service called Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS).  Below are some of the reasons why you should consider advertising with 2ThumbZ.

1.  Benefits of MMS vs. SMS

Advertising through MMS and through 2Thumbz Breaking News and Photo service is far more compelling than a standard SMS service.

2.  A Focus on Compelling/High Quality Stories

2ThumbZ deploys its own team of editors to assemble the most compelling and up-to-the-minute stories and photos on each of the teams and categories that are delivered to customers.   Our editors provide a myriad of stories that cover various aspects of the team including game preview, wrap-ups, injury reports, coaching changes, expert analysis and breaking news.  MMS customer receive a full story at 550 characters, compelling photos and interactive links as opposed to 1-2 sentences at 160 characters and no photo or interactive links in a traditional SMS alert.

3.  Targeted Demographics

The Breaking News and Photo Service targets a number of demographics and offers advertisers the ability to target specific groups of consumers right to their cellphone.

4.  Secured Distribution with AT&T Wireless & Verizon Wireless

2ThumbZ has secured distribution for all of these services through both AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless.  This will provide access to 150M+ mobile subscribers.  The services will be available on all of the top handsets from both carriers including the AT&T iPhone and VZW Droid.

In addition to securing distribution, 2ThumbZ and AT&T Wireless will be launching a marketing campaign in August to kickoff the College Football Breaking News and Photo service.

5.  Reporting

2ThumbZ Entertainment will provide all advertisers/sponsors a monthly report on total impressions and clickthroughs.