2ThumbZ Mobile Sports Services

2ThumbZ Mobile Sports Services is a suite of Breaking News and Photo alerts that reports on the NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Professional Football.  The services are based on Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) and are delivered directly to the subscriber’s mobile device message inbox.  According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) users view 97% of the marketing promotions they receive in their message in-box, and 83% view them within 1 hour of their receipt.  The average response rate for mobile messaging is 12% (vs. 2% for traditional marketing) and the average click through rate for mobile messaging is 3%-5% (vs.  .2% for email and .5% for banner ads).

2ThumbZ is the only provider of this service to the marketplace and delivers this service through AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless Sprint, Cricket, Boost, and Virgin Mobile and is available on all MMS enabled devices. The service is supported on nearly all carrier mobile devices launched since 2008.  By 2008 worldwide MMS usage level had passed 1.3 billion active users (source Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009) who generated 50 billion MMS messages (source Abi Research 2008) and produced annual revenues of 26 billion dollars. source Portio 2009)